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Lync Network Solutions

Terms and Conditions of Service


General Terms

  1. “We, us, our” refers to Lync Network Solutions (002545811-H). “Customer, you” refers to the person representing or signing the attached quotation.
  2.  In the event of a dispute, the parties agreed this terms and conditions to governed under the jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia


Terms of Quotation

  1. The price quoted in the quotation is valid for 7 days from the date of the quotation unless quoted otherwise.
  2. The price specified in the quotation is the price of the products and services specified. It does not cover the pricing of any additional work outside the scope of the quotation. Additional work including changes to the design and addition of additional content outside the scope of the attached quotation will be billed separately.
  3. Both parties agree that work will begin within 1 working day(s) after the quotation has been accepted by the customer and the deposit required has been paid. We will not be responsible for the delays in the completion of the work required if the deposit has not been paid.


Terms for Web Design, Web Development and Branding Services

  1. Customers are requested to finalise the design of their choice within 7 working day(s) of accepting the quotation. We will not be responsible for the delays in the completion of the work if the design was not finalised within the period specified.
  2. Any changes requested to the design or layout of the work required after the 7th working day may be billed separately. Customers are therefore requested to pick carefully and to ensure they have checked through the required designs before finalising to avoid additional charges.
  3. Customers are requested to prepare all content required for the work to proceed in order to ensure the work requested is completed within the agreed timeframe. We will not be responsible for the delays in the completion of the work if the requested content was not provided in the agreed timeframe.
  4. Customers are required to check through all the content they have provided to make sure all content is accurate and is what they really want to be shown on the completed work. We have the right to charge for changes once the work has been completed but with errors due to the fault of the customer. (We will try to be reasonable. We hope our customers can be too)
  5. Customers are responsible of making sure that they have the copyright usage rights of all contents provided to us. We would not be able to check all content provided by the customers for copyright usage rights and therefore cannot be responsible for content provided by customers. (We will try to remind customers about this.)
  6. Customers are requested to check through the work completed by us before signing off to ensure everything is completed as agreed in the quotation. (Yes sometimes we make mistakes too. We are human after all.) We will do the changes for mistakes in the end product without additional charges if it due to a fault from us.

Terms for Web-hosting and Maintenance

  1. We provide services for both web hosting and maintenance services
  2. In the standard case, web hosting is included in the standard maintenance package.
  3. Maintenance for a website includes, updating software installed in the customer’s website, testing to make sure the website will function properly, setting up services including emails and databases for the customers and updating the content in the website within the agreed timeframe and specified periods.
  4. In the event the you choose not to take our maintenance package and opt for webhosting only, we will not be responsible for any loss of data, data breach and loss of functionality in the website due to the lack of regular updates or lack of precautions taken by the customer.
  5. Customers can request for the username and password to the control panel, for their website. However, customers are reminded to not touch any of the files and databases being used by their websites to ensure there are no problems with the website. We will not be responsible for downtime caused by the fault of the customers and the customer may be charged in order to fix the problem with the website.
  6. We will strive to provide the best uptime for the customer’s websites. However, We, cannot guarantee 100% uptime in cases outside our control including but not only acts of nature such as, floods, hurricane and other natural disasters. We will however try our best to find a solution to bring back up the website as soon as possible.

Terms for Hourly Work

  1. Any hourly work required from us would be charged at the rate of RM100 per hour unless agreed otherwise by both parties.
  2. A minimum of 2 hours will be charged for any on-site work under the hourly rate even if the work is done completed before the 2 hour mark.
  3. Any hourly work completed within the hour will be rounded up to the nearest hour (For example a work finished in 2 hours 30 min would be billed for 3 hours).
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