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How Lync came to be

Our first project

It was in the month of February 2016 and one of the founders, Jonathan Andrew had accepted a proposal to create a website for an expatriate who had a retirement home in Kajang, Malaysia.

At the time, Jonathan was still in college, freelancing as a solutions provider for computers and as a junior graphic designer to earn some extra pocket money while focusing on his Diploma in Business. He used the name, Weblync to build a brand, a go-to business that provides repairs for laptops, desktops and creates simple designs for cards, logos and banners.

Upon accepting the proposal to create the website, Jonathan lacked in the necessary experience needed to execute such a task. And spent days contemplating and researching tutorials for WordPress.

Days had past by and one day he met his now, co-founder, Christopher at a food court in Petaling Jaya. Now, Chris was already running his own web-development startup, Mavericus Solutions and upon discussion of the proposal and given his familiarity with WordPress and proficiency in programming, he accepted to collaborate with Jonathan on this assignment and both parties agreed to split the proceeds even.

It took about four months to complete the final draft of the project but due to some discrepancies on the client's side, a settlement was offered thus the agreement was final and both Jonathan and Christopher had split the final amount.

Having discovered the strong synergy between the two, Jonathan gave Chris a call and proposed the idea of working together on a long term basis, and the two agreed to create a company, using the name Weblync.

The pair went to the Companies Commission of Malaysia or SSM to register the entity only to find out that the name, Weblync has been taken. The two founders sat together and decided to settle on an alternative, Lync Network Solutions, of which the company was borne.

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