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Education without boundaries

To learn more about our classes

Learn to code while playing a game

Devise solutions to build decoys and destroy enemies!

As part of our initiative to enhance the creativity of our students, we teach our students how to code in Python to perform various actions as a character in a game.

What our students learn?

Tools that enhance your sales and marketing

Problem solving skills

We enhance our students' ability to identify and engage various obstacles then devise innovative solutions.

Critical and Creative thinking

We teach our students to skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze and evaluate information gathered from their findings and develop multiple perspectives.

Our mission

Imparting knowledge for the greater good

At Lync EDU, we strive to provide our students the ability to gain cohesive skills and knowledge which is updated and relevant to various industries today. We believe in pulling our resources together, sharing our collective vision among our students to leave behind a brighter future.

What our students say

"The classes are good as well as the teaching. I learned quite a lot about coding."


"Very easy to understand the methods used to teach, very patient teacher and in the event we don't understand something, the teacher will repeat and ensure that we understand."


"I really enjoyed the class. I started not knowing anything about programming but I now have a better understanding of programming and its language. Thus I was able to apply what i have learnt to create a program. Even though there are many of us he would also focus on us individually. So it felt more like personal tutor rather than a general tutor that focuses generally on a class. Whenever there was a problem the teacher would personally help each of us to find our mistake and correct it. He would also make us apply the lessons which was taught in the class into a simple programme to ensure we understand how to apply it. Aside from that the teacher would show us more efficient and simple method for us to code a programme. This allowed me to understand and code a better programme. I would highly recommend this class as it would bring help those interested in programming."


"Very good and very informative."


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